Amoress buys goods from suppliers who use skins from certified farms. Where animals live well during their lifetime.

SAGA Mink and SAGA Fox are a quality mark that the skins come from Scandinavia. These skins are considered the finest skins of their kind in the world and have given Amoress its strong brand as they only use quality leather and furs.

Good quality comes from the fur skins from certified fur farms where they asure that we think organically and sustainably for all creatures on our planet.


Amoress 4 cornerstones
Good service results in happier customers who want to return.
Good quality provides a sustainable future for all creatures on our planet.
Good price provides a justifiable and transparent policy around the entire business.
The most stylish design is something we strive for in order to make the garments last a long time, preferably for several generations.