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Do not dry clean or machine wash

The first piece of advice that we at Amoress Stockholm want to give to customers who have bought a garment is not to wash it in a dry cleaner at all. Chemicals only dry out the sheepskin.
Dry precipitation can occur during the first few weeks, so it is good to wear dark clothes in the beginning. It's nothing to worry about. Excess paint can be removed, you may need to wash your hands with soap and clothes as usual, that's all.
Some garments dry out a little and others more, but that goes away and has to do with the fact that they have banned the strong chemical that fixes the color in accordance with the new environmental protection EU regulations.
Wetness such as rain and snow is not a problem. You just hang the coat up and let it dry. When it's dry, just towel dry it.
Grease stains are removed with school chalk or potato flour. A layer of flour is placed on the garment and allowed to dry. Then the school chalk or potato flour absorbs the fat, it can be brushed away with a towel, as above afterwards
Drying with a towel may also be needed from time to time, because the coat has been touched with a little make-up / hand cream or dirt in some way and it needs a little towel drying at least once a year.
Warning with hand cream and make-up then go to work. With the and button the buttons :)
Soda and juice and other sticky things are a combination of chalk and a slightly damp towel, so that the sugar is loosened up.
Lots of fun for many years now :)